Sikh culture has a lot of importance for the turban. It is a part of traditional Sikh attire. Over the years, various types of turban have come into existence. Rubia Voile Turbans are one of those which are widely popular to wear among the Sikh community. The other turban are Parnas and Patkas. Further, there are various styles in which these turbans are worn.

What are Rubia Voile Turbans?

Rubia voile turbans are made up of a soft fabric, which is usually made up of mostly cotton. It is a mix of voile yarn and Rubia yarn. The weight of these turbans are medium to heavy. Since these turbans are of a unique blend, they are also more durable and are more long-lasting than the other light materials. So basically, they are softer and lighter in weight than Rubia and are also tougher and long-lasting than the full voile turbans. The stitches on the Rubia voile turbans make them more beautiful and composed when worn on the head.

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