Have you picked pagri for a wedding yet? Do you know what is popular? Since many designers introduced the vibrant pagri in the market, a multitude of designs have inundated the industry. However, you do not wish to become lost in that flood. Which is why we’ve gathered the BEST pagri for groom and pagri for barati we’ve observed recently, along with some timeless classics.
Regardless of what you call it (a Punjabi turban or a pagri for groom), the pagri has a distinct appearance depending on the cloth you select (kota, chanderi, cotton, velvet or silk). You may choose a vibrant and eccentric print, or monotone fabrics with an attached kalgi. Here are our favorite pagri for weddings.

Ready Made Turban – Cream from Turban King Australia

It is unique because a cream-colored turban or pagri can be worn with any color of clothes. This pagri is made from silk, which lends it a beautiful appearance, and its embellishment adds sparkle and a groom-like effect. Do visit https://turbanking.com.au/product-category/turbans/ready-made-turbans/ to explore more ready-made turbans and pagri’s for the groom.

Ready Made Turban – Hot Pink from Turban King Australia

Since hot pink is the color of the year every year, this brilliant hue can never be overlooked during the wedding season. Everyone, from the groom to the barati, enjoys wearing bright pink pagri. Turban King now offers banarsi silk pagri for the groom that is lightweight, fashionable, vivid, and made of banarsi silk. To buy this special piece click here – https://turbanking.com.au/product/ready-made-turban-hot-pink/ and get your pagri delivered anywhere because Turban king offers worldwide delivery.

Ready Made Turban – Ivory & Golden Color from Turban King Australia

The combination of ivory and gold falls into the category of pastel hues that are now popular. Everyone from bollywood stars to corporate moguls favors this color combo, so why not wear it on your wedding day? Turban King provides pagri for weddings that are not at all heavy and made of banarsi silk, which is known as a particular fabric for the wedding season. So click the link https://turbanking.com.au/product/ready-made-turban-ivory-golden-colour/ and buy it now, before it gets out of stock. Don’t worry about delivery because Turban King delivers worldwide.

Ready Made Turban – Maroon from Turban King Australia

Red and maroon are the color of Indian weddings, and they also look amazing on the groom as well as the bride. So let’s check out Turban King’s Ready Made Maroon Turban and look traditional. The pagri is chiffon silk fabric, which is perfect for pagri for barati and will add a glam look as well. So click the link https://turbanking.com.au/product/ready-made-turban-maroon/ and hit the buy now button to look stylish this wedding season.

These wedding pagri alternatives from the Turban King will make you look trendy, sophisticated, lively, and confident on the wedding day. Don’t forget to browse https://turbanking.com.au/ to see what more they offer. Because here you will find the highest quality, variety, and reasonable rates. Do not miss the opportunity to acquire the finest wedding pagri.