Festival season is here, and in India as well as abroad, celebrations are incomplete without festive attire. This season, the appropriate outfit for guys is the classic kurta pyjamas with a pagri turban; it is stylish, ageless, and sophisticated. The initial impression is the lasting impression, so this season, let your stylish kurta pyjamas express your individuality. And don’t worry about the delivery, as Turban King Australia delivers its high-quality collection all around the world.

Experiment with color

Be daring and combine colors. All you have to do is choose color combinations that complement your skin tone. Allow the colors to reflect your individual flair. Oftentimes, the simplest color combinations may make an outfit stand out in a remarkable way. It is advisable to choose contrasting hues to enhance your appearance. And if your kurta pajama is pastel colors then try a dark solid color pagri. You can find pagri online at Turban King Australia.

Dress it up

Add interest to your kurta pyjamas by adding a jacket or drape. If your kurta pyjama is solid in color, choose a printed or embroidered jacket and solid color wedding pagri to give your outfit an edge and to draw attention to the details. Who said wedding pagri can only be worn at weddings. Break the rules and look stylish.

You can experiment with numerous aspects of your outfit, from fabric to embroidery. Choose a style that compliments your physique and provides maximum comfort. To make the festive dress code unique, you can invest in an embroidered collar, self-textured rich fabrics, geometric designs, and pastels, among other options. Your choice of details will convey your personal flair.

Kurta length

With a variety of kurtas available on the market, choose the length that complements your personality. Short kurtas pair nicely with Patiala or harem pants and Turban King Australia’s pagri collection, whilst long kurtas pair well with churidar. Semi-shirt and button-down kurtas are also fashionable due to their elegance and sophisticated appearance. You can never go wrong with a timeless, elegant long kurta that accentuates your height.

Try Bright Turbans and Pagri with Kurta Pajama

Yes, kurta pyjamas look more appealing on every man. So if you think kurta pyjamas suit your personality, then never say no to them. You can add a high-quality turban or pagri to your festive attire to make it look more stylish. Turban King Australia has a huge collection of Sikh accessories as well as pagri and turbans and you can easily match them with your attire.

With a modern twist, all classic garments are magnificent. You can adorn your kurta with elegant pins, pocket squares, turbans, pagri, and brooches to enhance its beauty. Gemstone accessories are renowned for their elegance. Bandi jackets with intricate embroidery are another excellent option. As the weather becomes cooler, a shawl can also be a great addition to your kurta pyjama ensemble. Don’t just choose monotonous clothing, even men need to look stylish at every festival. So choose wisely and don’t forget to look handsome.