Talking about Sikh men’s accessories begins with talking about their wearables of the head, and their pride. A Patka Turban is one of them. Though it is worn mostly by children, it is a widely worn cloth wrapped around the hair of the head. The Patka turban is worn to keep the hair tidy and clean. It is basically a piece of cloth that is worn or tied around the head to cover the hair and keep it in a neat and tidy state. A Patka Turban is available at most of the turban stores pretty easily. The Beauty of a patka turban is that it is worn by many adults as well under their turbans. This gives a good opportunity to look more good as an opportunity to wear different colors which might come in contrast.

The various styles of wearing a Patka Turban

So basically, there are three main styles in which a patka turban can be worn.

  • By covering the head and tying one knot. This is mostly worn by children and sports persons.
  • The second way is to cover the head and leave the cloth behind. This is again used by sports persons mostly, along with commandos also.
  • The third style is mostly used by Sikh youth and children, in this, the head is covered and the knot is covered with a cloth.

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